Happy New Year!!


I want to first and foremost thank my customers, friends and family for allowing me to continue doing this thing that I love.   Your support and encouragement has played a very big part in what keeps me inspired.

It has been a while since I have “blogged”.  The year really got away from me.  Working, family, creating, showing, and basically just trying to keep up.   I did learn a few things this past year-  good things that will help me going forward.  Things like- it is ok to think of myself first.  It seems that when I do that-  a lot of other things fall in to place.  I am learning my limits.  Something that has never been easy for me.  My big thing for the new year will be finding real balance.

So, what is the scoop for Quilibet in the year ahead?  I will be doing some shows, still be part of some wonderful local shops and spend some quality time creating.  Creating is my therapy, the thing that gets me away from the things I really want to get a break from.  Politics, world news, and housework!   I honestly have had the most amazing time this past year.  Made some new friends and had some good clean fun.  I am looking forward too much more of that going forward!

So, again-  Thank you!  Your support is a blessing and very much appreciated.


Happy New Year!!

Boy, it will take some time getting used to the 2018 thing.