In like a Lion Out like a Lamb?

March has come and gone.  April is a breathe of fresh air.  Ideas are waking me up at night, I am going to have to add a pad and pen to my bedside table.

I am really enjoying this burst of energy.  I hope that my new designs will speak for me.  Seeing the sun is helping my mojo!   Events will start heavy in June.  I am so looking forward to spending the month of May seeing the ideas come to life.

I have added a few new stores to my list of places to find Quilibet .  Spreading my wings a bit, venturing to some new Ct towns.  Woodbury is worth the ride, very scenic and different.  Lots of antique shops and interesting places.  Soulbury is a lovely little shop that is chock full of amazing artwork.  So many old friends have their work there,  makes me feel right at home.

Over Andover- a new shop in Andover-  just around the corner from home.  Great shop with so many things to see.

Well-  the sun is going to shine- it’s a new day